Vertikan. Trabajos Verticales en Gran Canaria Vertikan. Trabajos Verticales en Gran Canaria Vertikan. Trabajos Verticales en Gran Canaria Vertikan. Trabajos Verticales en Gran Canaria Vertikan. Trabajos Verticales en Las Palmas Vertikan. Trabajos Verticales en Gran Canaria


VERTIKAN is an established company in canary company performing work for condominiums, building maintenance, annual contracts with construction, and expansion in the south of the island.

Works also takes Reform (Portales, local, interiors, garages, plumbing, electrical etc.) through the service group and HIDROKAN REFORKAN-ELECTRIKAN covering all types of jobs that are necessary to the needs of each work (Facades, Jobs height, Vertical Works, Refurbishment, Rehabilitation facades, Waterproofing, Roofing, Ceilings, Roofs, Garages ...)

VERTIKAN offering neighboring communities a comprehensive maintenance management community. We offer maintenance services for communities such as waterproofing roofs, façade rehabilitation, rehabilitation of playgrounds etc. Gran Canaria

In summary, we carry VERTIKAN Steeple Vertical Works, Rehabilitation of facades, structural beams, facades and Painting Roofing.

Technical and Management Team

The team consists of architects and surveyors with extensive experience in vertical works projects. The manager places great emphasis on safety, proof of this is that they have a security plan for each project that joined the project safety and health, as well as insurance RC (600,000 Euros); Exploitation, post-work 150,000 Euros, insurance agreement, plan on prevention of occupational risks, and be current on social security; IGIC; TC1, TC2 SL VERTKAN make a safe and very competitive in the sector.


The main reference asset and our staff is professional experience. A team of officers of 1st in all positions (masonry, plumbing, electrical, painting, etc.). All titles have several working at heights, rope access and prevention of occupational risks, where security plays a decisive role to perform such work.

Energy Efficiency

In vertikan perform energy efficiency projects. Feel free to contact us for a quote realilizarle.

C/DON PÍO CORONADO Nº 86 C.P. 35012 (trasera de Pedro Infinito). Teléfono: 928 371723. Móvil: 677578652. email: